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Adoptable45 (Paypal OPEN) by crimson-nemesis Adoptable45 (Paypal OPEN) by crimson-nemesis
this one was made mainly to test the new lightbox my BF gifted to me :heart: the original (ink+copics) + the sketch (pencil) are available via mail for an additional postage fee :)

also, my crappy camera is crappy and my scanner doesn't work properly anymore - so I can't supply a better image v_v (I haven't uploaded anything in weeks, I feel so bad - darn you bachelor thesis -__-)

this adopt is sold as it is, not pick your colors and no higher quality.

if you take part in this auction/ if you buy this design you automatically agree, and are bound to the rules and conditions below:

Bullet; Blue buyer receives a digital high res version without watermark as soon as payment arrived (payment via paypal invoice)
Bullet; Blue if you buy you can do with this design/character whatever you want, except copying extensive parts of the design for other chars
Bullet; Blue you are not allowed to resell this artwork. You may resell the character but not this artwork - if you want to resell the char you'll have to draw the char on your own and sell your own artwork of it
Bullet; Blue this design is meant for private use only
Bullet; Blue you are not allowed to claim that you created this design
Bullet; Blue you are not allowed to remove or crop my signature
Bullet; Blue if you buy this design and want to reupload it, please give credit (link to the original upload and link to my profile)
Bullet; Blue I reserve the right to reuse single aspects of the design and color sheme for future works of mine 
Bullet; Blue I reserve the right to use this design for portfolio purposes or print purposes for sale  for my own profit(not the single image alone but with other designs in artbooks or the likes - simply as showcase of the designs I created - credit for owner will always be given)
Bullet; Blue adoptale can be put on hold and can be paid in installments when purchased via autobuy

starting bid: 65€ (ca. 70$)
minimum bid increase: 3€
autobuy: 95€ (ca. 102$)

auction ends: 24. March23:59 / 11:59 pm GMT+1

you can find me here as well (though I'm most active on DA):
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BlackOwlE Featured By Owner Edited Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah scanner sometimes ruined real colors....Why I use photo my papers x)
crimson-nemesis Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well my phone camera is crappy so I would have preferred a scanner XD but mine doesn't work anymore so meh ^^ but It's alright, could look way worse I suppose
shadowboykid Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
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