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Submitted on
January 3, 2013


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Group admin destroying users reputation

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 3, 2013, 2:37 AM
newest update : just updating this so it gets back into peoples minds :D someone was begging for attention so I will revive that! 

btw as much as Soulpsion might claim all the screenshots here are 'legally certified photoshop fakes' - they're not - we do not have reason to lie like she does(my live does not resolve around my internet presence, I don't have time for nonsense liek this) - if she calls us liars she can simply prove us so with revealing the 'true' comments on her page which she has hidden ^^ why hide them if not because they show exactly the same as our screenshots - Psion's lies? why don't you show us your so called legal certificate?

apparently everyone who disagrees with her is a cyberbully ...…

taking a glimps at this… it seems like Soulpsion has already some people 'charged by her lawyer' *giggles*  Mind anyone who is affected speak up so we have some proof of that? Anyone got charged??? Because I know of no charges from anyone or to any of my friends so I suspect just another lie here :3 correct me if I'm wrong ^^ I mean seriously, none of us who she calls attention seekers and worse got banned or suspended from dA or anything so ... when a website refuses to take action in such a drama case why should a serious lawyer?  

older updates can be found at the end of the journal :3

Main part:

This is an important headsup, so please read this, because there is a certain person out there, admin of a known group, spreading lies about users and destroying their reputation and blocking everyone who disagrees with her and her 'rules'.

It might be a little longer to explain the situation but if you do not want to end up as friends of mine and myelf (yeah my first time - I'm so evilish muahahaha) beeing 'banned', 'blocked' and 'reportet' and be called a hacker and the likes you might want to take a look.

It started between :iconbluefeatherarchangel:, the admin in question, and another user, the key point is not important since repeating all tiny bits will only create more issues of discussion which will lead away from the main points (but you might want to take a look at a journal she wrote about the incident - her wording alone speaks of her way of mind and maturity or the lack of….

In the end their quarell made this admin write another journal(in the group) about 'creativity' on deviantart and how people who just make photos of toys and are not creative should not be allowed on DA because in her point of view it is not art (still life photography ? possibly never heard of it - I suppose). I was reading that journal back then and also the discussion that grew in the comment area, but kept my opinion to myself seeing how this admin was jumping on everyone who did not agree with her.
Deviant :iconoswo: - a lot of people in the fandom know her closely including me and I count her to one of my best friends -was a member of this group and replied to this journal. She was complaining to the admin that she did not like how Soulpsion was overusing the journal feature of the group for her personal tirades instead of more group related or transformers based issues. It was her opinion - just an opinion and the admin didn't like it. It's clear what happened, discussion back and forth and Oswo decided, back then already that it was no use and left the group.

Of course Soulpsion deleted the journal so there is 'she thinks' no evidence but you know there is always those smart people making screencaps, like Oswo, myself and a lot others because we know how people like this admin are. They act, accuse and than try to hide their failure.
have a look at part of the discussion between the two

You can also glimps the comment of another user there who was later also 'removed', blocked and banned. Funny thing is how does an admin manage to remove people from their group when they already left? Ah I know, they do it seemingly, much later and post that on their groups front page for everyone to see to make these people look bad. Don't get me wrong, if an admin feels people are disturbing the harmony of a group they may remove them or block them or whatever. But Soulpsion was openly spreading lies.
The comments were hidden but I screencaps them the moment after I posted my replies since I couldn't just sit there and watch how she was destroying my friends and others reputation because these people disagreed with her or her precious rules.
Oswo trying to take over a group? when, where??? And that other person a hacker? Where is the proof? I want to see the proof that she's a hacker, I want to see proof that Oswo was secretly planning an ambush on the high admin area. SoulPsion doesn't have any proof as usual for such cases.

Also I find it funny how she always goes back to her so precious rules she was editing to no end the last days - forbidding non-members to post any comments and the likes - everyone who disobeyes will be banned, blocked and reportet - so i guess I was blocked because I commented and defended my friends dignity on the holy grounds of her kingdom which I wasn't allowed to - because you know, comment section is holy on DA, because she says it you are not allowed to write there, it's not like we're on the internet and free speech exists or something - it's the dictatorship of SoulPsion, that's how it looks to me and it gave me many laughs the last hours. I wonder how the staff reacts to her ongoing reporting of people stating reason like - they are not allowed to comment on my group so they shall be removed.

It is sad really, how a person, an admin of a group (who states on their own page 'only truth matters'), would step so low to spread lies about users they had trouble with. As an admin she has an important function in the group but she is from what I came to see these days, not mature enough to deal with other people's opinions that do not fit her own and therefore a very bad example for an admin. Instead of solving these things in private or leaving the poeple alone she prefers to drag attention to certain users and add some lies to them and ban and block whoever gets in her way - Oswo already left the group weeks before so there was no need to bring up her name again and accuse her - but well, obviously the grudge this admin is holding sits deep.

Therefore I wish everyone to be attentive when it comes to this person and this group. It is everyones free decision where to spend their time and I do not call out to boycott anyone or the group - but honestly, there are way better TF groups out there with waaaay better administration than the one Soulpsion is leading. I wish that my watchers be warned not to end up like me and my friends just for saying our opinion and trying to protect the reputation of the people we care deeply for. A groups member should not be afraid to speak their mind as well as a normal user should not be afraid to post comments because they are threatened with instant ban, reporting and blocking - just saying.

so this is all, thank you very much for your attention and please take this words to heart and stay save - DA is full of weird people :3

updates (newest first):

apparently now I'm an all evil online bully XD… a bully? me? come on - anyone I ever bullied please raise their hands :D

I find it funny how she claims that I harrassed her when she joined DA. Just as a reminder, she's on DA more than 5 years, I joined a little more than 4 years ago. I must be a time traveler of some sort to be able to harass people with an account about a year before I actually made this account. Cool story :D The photoshop thing is also a nice idea she has there but well ... I got some more serious business to tend to, like college and enjoying my returned electricity :D Hope you dudes have a nice time as well ;3 again please stay save and always look on both sides of a story before judging people, there are so many strange girls and boys out there D:

older updates:

apparently now this admin feels horribly assaulted and again uses the group to create false information, which I can understand to a certain part since she does not wish people to know about the lies she spun (that's also why she continues to ban everyone who comments against her) and has supposedly gathered all our personal information and posted them in the web (which of course in her eyes does not break any laws....) I'm sorry but... this is hilarious :D Apparently she makes a law case out of this which brings a smile to my face as well - I rly wonder what she wants to sue us for - saying the truth about her actions because we want her to stop badmouthing people? Showing proof of her lies to the world? Making use of the freedom of speech? From my point of view and several others I've talked to this is nothing but hot air. She cannot do any harm to any of us who spoke up against her since we broke no laws, neither of US, Australia nor our own respective countries and I bet she has nothing, no names no anything :3 Whith her latest journal in her group she tries to scare people away from the truth and tries to save her own dignity which she has damaged a lot through her own doings already, that is all.

another addition: I want to quote :iconredconvoy: to bring reassurance to the ones who feel threatened by this admin (since she is threateing people in her latest group journal)

I work for the United States Federal Government myself. As a federal empoyee knows when they are sworn in, they cannot use or abuse their position for any kind of self-gain which includes the bull crap she's trying to pull. I work for judges directly. I know how to get in contact with the secret service and I have before for identity theft which resulted in someone getting arrested (I was given permission for this). I have a friend that works for the FBI. I could not use these people for personal gain like she is threatening to. That could result in termination of her employment if she is truly a federal employee in Australia. Any government you work for has a variation of these rules which have the same result. I've seen people suspended without pay or terminated for violating other rules. I hope she reads this warning.

so please, don't let yourself be fooled and don't be frightened, there is no reason to be ^^ End of update, thank you again for your attention and enjoy your day fellow deviants

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illmatar Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
I will add one little comment here to help you all relax too. 

Screencapping is a great idea when dealing with Soulpsycho, because it keeps the info you want on hand where you can get it easily.  However, if it ever really came down to a legal fight (which it will never happen BTW, she lies to herself most of all) the stuff she thinks she deleted is part of DA's history and can be retrieved via court order.   The comments she's hidden, the journal's she's deleted....if she ever did actually sue someone all of it would be admitted into evidence.

This is why you have to be so careful with what you post.  You can not un-ring a bell, especially  online. 

In the mean time, no worries, right? 
TCLindsay Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I have a bit of a question darling~ And I'm being a bit of a troll when I ask, but if Soul worked for any government, shouldn't they at least be able to spell the word 'arrogance'? :trollface: I'm only a measly every-day worker at any place in town that'll hire me (I jump from job to job every couple years 'cause I get bored), but I cannot help but notice that my ability to spell properly seems to be worlds better then this 'supposed' government agent.

Also I wonder if she realizes that by threatening to sue people, get them arrested, etc etc, is actually something that could get her into legal trouble? I don't know how it works in Australia, but I know here in the states it is not uncommon for someone to quickly turn around and sue the person who's threatening to sue them first. It's called a preemptive suit. She may not have reason to sue someone, but these people she is threatening actually could have legal cause to sue her for harassment. Writing public journals, putting together a public website for the use of creating false information on people, and over-all degrading their character? That one is called Degradation of character, which can be sued over legally.

Though if the things being said about someone is true then it's not slander or liable or degradation of character at all. If it's true, then it's just true, but you have to have evidence of that.

I have to applaud you, Crimson, for how well you're taking this and how you're not belittling yourself by calling her names. You stood up for those you care for and that's what friends are suppose to do. I myself was part of this group for a while, just so I could see some amazing art. I never added journals to the watch, just the art, but I don't like drama, and I don't like real bullies, and she is a bully by all definitions. I refuse to be part of anything remotely related to such behavior.

I'm going to go and see if mine and my friend's group is linked to this one, if it is I think I shall be removing the affiliation.
TCLindsay Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
*Defamation of Character lol! See, I ain't no smart lawyer, just an every-day person who get's confused by legal terms too~
oswo Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
I guess that our lovely Soul will stalk this journal as well, so allow me to continue laught.
I really adore everything she do. Thing that makes me laught every single time it's that she brag about special powurs and angels and spiritual trainings, YET she even isn't able to type name of her sect church in proper way XD
It's just one letter typo, she write "Melchizadek" instead Melhizedek but pffffff when someone supposed to be "High Priestess" then at least should know how type name of own mentor in proper way LOL XD

Generally she is very aaaamajziiiing person, and sadly for her own good seems that she don't change.
Utam6 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Can't believe this...think I will just stay in my little corner in the internet and think twice before joining any group ._.
BDixonarts Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
After 5 years and she hasn't changed any...she was a control freak back then who believed us humans were reincarnations of transformers. She is an attention hound and she hates it when people go again her. I say just plain out ignore her. Her words mean nothing and she is nothing but hot air. She lives in Australia and I seriously doubt she has the millions of dollars to hire a lawyer to do stupid crap like she is claiming. I have known her since 2008 and used to be one of her admins on a forum she had.
crimson-nemesis Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I doubt she'll ever change ^^ Which is pretty sad since she won't be able to adapt to normal social live that way. 

I mainly post these journals to inform people about her and that people shouldn't believe the lies she spreads about me and other people. 

She couldn't sue me even if she wanted since I didn't break any laws, besides her australian laws do not apply on an american server anyway. but well, she can continue to fantasies about her 'german lawyer friends' as much as she likes, as you said, all she does is produce hot air and damage her own reputation ^^ 
BDixonarts Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
her rep was damaged long ago and she is a complete loon that belongs in a straight jacket. I think what needs to be done is create a petition for all members of her transformers forever group to leave it and encourage all their friends to leave it and then everyone block her and don't bother looking at her page or anything. The worse punishment a person can get is being ignored. She hates me cause i stopped being one of her admins and then made my own forum that done far better than hers and when i didn't ask her to be an admin she got all pissy on me. to me she is a ghost that is best left forgotten, we all have better things to do than listen to her whine.
crimson-nemesis Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think such a petition would work, she lured members in with money and points, that's the only way she can keep people on her side (she even paid people to say happy birthday to her XD ) - that'S really really sad - but that's what she created for herself. 

It's so hilarious if you look at the stamps on her side and how she claims truth is the only important thing while instead she's lying on every edge. but well, she is not capable of displaying herself like she really is so she is lost to herself and all it gets her is bad reputation ^^

I just hope most people are wise enough to stay away from her or they will be dragged down into the pit as well. 
BDixonarts Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
im not surprised she stooped that low to buy people off to be her friend. Hopefully people will wake up to how she really is when she turns on them.
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